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Am I sexii enough?


*Movies:Strangeland, Killer Clowns From Outerspace, Witch Hunter Robin Series <3
*Store:I'm into the local vintage thrift stores; Killer Trash, 9th Life.
*Singers/bands:Psychopathic Records, Otep, My Ruin, Jack Off Jill, Soil, Rasputina, Miranda Sex Garden.
*Song:311-Love Song...only because it reminds me so much of my current boyfriend. Finally together<3
*Actress and actor:Hrm..Michelle Rodriguez..and Dee Snider
*Hobbies:I write music and poetry. I play the Cello mostly, a little bass and piano. I go to a lot of shows, you know, the normal shit.

Essays (must be more than 2 sentences)
Abortion:I am very pro-choice. I mean, if I became pregnant and I didn't want a football comming out of me, I'd have an abortion. (not that I would do that though). Or if the baby had somethign wrong with it, or if I was raped.
Sex:As in premarital? I think it's fine if you are with the right person. I'm not very religous or anything, so yes, I've had sex. But if you are doing it for attention or to feel wanted, I'm very sorry. For me it's showing someone that I love them with more than just my mind and heart.
Drugs:I've had my share in the drug scene. I think it;s fucking stupid how we ban marajuana, which doesn't kill, and use the tax payers money to build roads for our drunk drivers to use. Which, alcohol kills. My step father is proof.
Why should we accept you?Because I rock your fucking panties off<3
Give us 2 LJ users that we can invite: dubious_thought and...ermm...horrorofbeauty_
Don't mind the dorky glasses...

and I have to do this..it's from last night on my boyfriend's shitty web cam
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I don't like you're abortion answer at all.

But you're pretty...so I guess so..
Because this community needs members!!
I dont like your makeup. sorry

good luck though
I dont want to offend you or something, but don't you think that this community is kinda dead? If we reject members we won't make the community big, popular and active.
the reason its dead is because no one promotes. i do every day and we still dont get members. This is a rating commmunity and im gonna tell the people what i think of them wheather or not this community is dead.. ok well i just promoted alot so hopefully we'll get alot of members.
there was just something about you i liked.. and we do ned more members.
I've give you my answer after you answer 1 question.
Do you use those glasses to see better or just for looks?
I actually need them to see
you're pretty...and your opinions were honest! good luck.
I've moved!!!

what name do we put in the userinfo?

_s_l_u_t___box ??