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am i sexii enough?

*Name: Nicole
*age: 14

*color: don't have one, but I like red.
*Movies: Nightmare before christmas, white oleander, the goonies. rocky horror picture show
*Store: Value Village?
*Singers/bands: 18crown6. 4sh. 52metro. 5days ahead. _holiday. A Dead Giveaway. A Farewell Address. Acquiesce. Adelphi. Alexisonfire. Almost Cool. Appogee. Arlington. Armor For Sleep. Atreyu. Bayside. Beautiful Mistake. Bedlight For Blueeyes. Before I Go. Blue Skies At War. Blue Star Drive. Blue Turns White. Boys Night Out. Break Away. Breath.eyes.memory., Bright Eyes. Burning Bright. Caleb Owens. Cartel. Citizen Kane. Code Seven. Coheed and Cambria. Dallas Green. Daphne Loves Derby. Days In Between. Deciding Tonight. Dose Of Adolescence. Echo Screen. Emma. Estrela. Fall of Transition. Fear Factory. Fly By Night. From Autumn To Ashes. From First To Last. Further Seems Forever. Gas Can Pickup. Glassjaw. Halfway to Nowhere. Hall of Fame. Hawthorne Heights. heymike!. Hidden In Plain View. Hostage Life. Kane Hodder. kounter klockwize. Less than Jake. Lovedrug. Madcap. Matchbook Romance. Midnight Aria. Midtown. Misery Signals. moneen. My Chemical Romance. Never Heard Of It. New Black. Planet Smashers. Poison The Well. Priori. Raising the Fawn. Saosin. Saves The Day. Sayanything. Scars to Prove. Scattertheashes. Senses Fail. Shotblue. Shotgun Rules. Sliverstien. Socratic. Something Corporate. Sparta. Spitalfield. Stage Fright Remedy. Sunny Day Real Estate. Taking Back Sunday. The Black Maria. The Blood Brothers. The Deftones. The Gamits. Hot Hot Heat. The Hurt Process. The Matches. The Movielife. The Servos. The Silence. The used. The Zax. Throw The Fight. Thursday. Time in Malta. Tribal Chair. Underoath. Undo. Very Much So. Via Audio. Vostok. I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business. . The Forgotten. Mates of State. Yeahs Yeahs Yeahs. Head Automatica.
*Song: Don't have one, but I've been listening to Crimes by the blood brothers alot lately.
*Actress and actor: Nicole Kidman.
*Hobbies: Music. (guitar, piano, etc?)

Essays (must be more than 2 sentences)
Abortion: Meh. If you were raped, go for it. Actually, I'm good with it, unless its like your 15th time.
Sex: Its not really a big deal to me.
Drugs: Don't do em'. Dont like em'. But I dont care if anyone else does them, im not going to be egotistical about it.
Why should we accept you ? because. Jesus is le sex.
Give us 2 LJ users that we can invite. xbiafrax, deathcabxx

thats not me, its my hot friend.

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